(Last Updated On: September 11, 2018)

The Long-Range Weapons Comparison Guide is Here!

When long-range weapons ignite, snipers delight! We cover all weapons 800m range and up in the **exclusive** Long-Range Weapons Comparison Guide.

The War Robots Guide Long-Range Weapons Comparison Guide is the only one like it on the net today! It is broken down into two sections based on hardpoint type – Light/Medium and Heavy – and ONLY DISCUSSES PERFORMANCE AT 800m AND UP! Therefore the gun weapons like Molot, Molot T and Tempest (which perform better when closing in on your enemies) are only discussed in the long-range theoretical sense here.

To use the guide, find the weapon you’re looking for with its subsequent levels below it. Then track over to the right to compare (in handy colour coding) its cost, damage and upgrade times. Points of note: prices are in Silver (unless otherwise noted), the damage is per full clip (if all shots land on the enemy) and upgrade time is of course, without spending Gold to move forward. The yellow bar at the bottom of the tables shows the total cost and time to upgrade each weapon.

So without further ado, lets get started with the Long-Range Weapons Comparison Guide.

Heavy Hardpoint Long-Range Weapons Comparison Guide

These are the ultimate weapons for snipers! The main purpose of long-range (800m and up) weapons is to keep yourself far from the actual battle and out of range of the deadly 600m weapons that now populate the battlefield. Provide powerful blasts or deal debilitating suppressive fire on your enemies with these weapons.



Source : https://www.warrobotsguide.com/2018/06/29/long-range-weapons-comparison-guide/